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Creator's Story


Hi! Welcome to Inclusive Collective!


My name is Paula and I am the creator of this space. Three years ago, I would say I made one of the most important decisions in my life. I quit my day job as a fashion publicist to pursue what at the time was just a vision in my head that consisted of freedom of speech and human rights.


Fast forward to now, I became a disability activist and I’ve had the privilege of working with world known brands on getting the message of inclusivity and disability across different platforms, cities and most importantly, people.


At the age of five, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which is a condition that affects a person’s ability to move, maintain balance and posture. Growing up with a disability was tough, but I think primarily what made it so difficult was trying to navigate an inaccessible world with different abilities. 


My parents did a phenomenal job in making life accessible for me as a kid and as a teenager, but when I reached adulthood and went off to college, I began to think I was a burden in society. This feeling began to follow me everywhere I went, including in college, my job and out in the world when I went out with friends. I realized there was a very vague definition of how the world viewed people with disabilities and from experiences I lived, I became passionate about eradicating stereotypes and stigmas.


I began creating content in different forms of platforms to express myself and the experiences I had lived with a disability. The content ranged from what adaptive clothing I was wearing, to the most accessible spots in Miami, and of course, deeper content including how I’ve healed my trauma from living with a disability in my series, Disabled Diaries. 


As I deepened my content creation journey, I began to realize I wasn’t the only one living these experiences with my disability. There was a whole community of people that had been living and sharing the same experiences I had lived. 


Last year, I began to expand and think of ways that I could reach more people with my story in hopes of broadening the community we have co-created together. Inclusive Collective actually began as an NFT/Web3 project but didn’t have much bandwidth on equity since Web3 exists in the web and there still isn’t equal accessibility online for people with disabilities.


Through many mishaps, trial and errors, I decided I wanted to get back to what led me to create this space after all, which was to come together, be vulnerable, and create an impact. I decided to create a disability lifestyle platform where I could share my life as a whole on here, but at the same time help other businesses and people build equity and accessible experiences for people with disabilities the right way

as a consultant. 


Inclusive Collective is a disability lifestyle platform and consulting agency with a focus to leverage adaptive tech, fashion, lifestyle while building with accessibility at the forefront of all. 


I’ve always been so fast paced in everything I do, but this time around, I really took a step back and thought about what I could create for the greater good of all, and how I could bring the community I once created back together. I really look forward to building and getting inclusive together!


Hope to see you around! #getinclsv

An midsize image of Paula in Los Angels with a blurred background of palm tress in Beverly Hills. Paula is looking into an adjacent direction from where the camera is with an inspired look. She is wearing a lime green crop top with a black leather fringed tight skirt. On her right hand, she firmly stands with a purple neon cane.
Paula sitting on white concrete stand with a blurred fountain view on the back. She is wearing a pink-purple dress sweatshirt with white boots and a light brown cane. She is lightly smiling downwards at the cane.
A close up of Paula from the waist up, with light wind blowing her hair. Paula has light makeup, and her hair is brown by her shoulders.
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