How to Mint

Our sale will be taking place on the Ethereum blockchain. Future INCLSV community members will need to have something prepared to participate in the NFT fundraiser and future events. We’ll help you get set up with our guide below!

What you’ll need to mint a HUEMAN:
- An ERC compatible wallet
- Sufficient ETH (Ethereum)

Creating Your Wallet

For absolute beginners, we recommend Rainbow, an iOS/Android app that allows you to create a wallet and fund your wallet via Apple Pay (or similar payment processor on Android). To get started with the Rainbow wallet all you need to do is download the app and save your seed phrase.


Our favorite hot wallet is, Metamask, a both browser based and mobile wallet. To get started with Metamask follow these steps: 

  • Download or install Metamask on your mobile device or browser (Supported Browsers: Chrome,Firefox,Brave,Edge)

  • Save your seed phrase

  • Fund your wallet

    • Mobile: You can buy ETH on the mobile version of Metamask via Apple Pay (US only), a credit card, or a bank transfer.

    • Browser: You will need to send ETH from an exchange in order to fund your wallet. We recommend beginners create a Coinbase account (not to be confused with the Coinbase Wallet). After you’ve created your account, buy the necessary amount of ETH you’d like, and send it to the address of the wallet you formerly created. Please always double check you are sending your ETH to the correct address!

NOTE: The ERC Network requires a form of tax for every transaction. This tax is called “gas” or more formally “gwei” and it  varies in price depending upon network traffic. To learn more about ETH gas please read here. To approximately calculate the amount of gas you need at any given time please refer to this resource. Simply put, you’ll always want to buy more ETH than you need!


Once you’ve funded your wallet, you’re all set to mint your Hueman!