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DISABLED DIARIES - A Note from Paula


Welcome to Disabled Diaries 2.0!!!

For those of you who remember the start of disabled diaries, I want to thank you for supporting the journey and being open to this soft and new elevation of disabled diaries.

I started disabled diaries with this mission to create space in my own life to heal the experiences I’ve lived with from having a disability. If you follow me, you might be familiar with the previous content of DD, which was basically a sit down of me reading a diary about what and how I’ve healed throughout my journey.

So about a year ago, I set myself up for a change where I wanted to expand myself beyond my content creation, and also to create something where we can all be closer to one another beyond platforms, and that’s where the idea of Inclusive Collective was born.

Inclusive collective houses many different avenues of my work, including my consulting agency, the community we’ve built together to enact social change, and one of course, disabled diaries.

I feel that disabled diaries adds a feminine touch to all everything on in this platform and offers a space to be vulnerable.

I hope you guys feel welcomed and included in this journey of healing, and I hope you know that healing is possible as long as you give yourself the space and gratitude to begin the journey.

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