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Diversity Statement: THE FENTY EFFECT

Image description: An image of Rihanna, a black Barbadian singer. The image is from the waist up.  In this image Rihanna has curled dark hair up to her shoulders. She has light green eyes, and very light makeup. She is posing to the side with a profile look of the right side. She is wearing a white silk top with a series of diamond necklaces as chokers and mid-level up to her chest. The words “FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA” are placed right around the middle of the image.

Exclude no one, let values inform, show, don’t tell. That is FENTY Beauty’s slogan. In this new series, Diversity Statement, we’ll be covering how some of the world’s most successful brands have pivoted with marginalized consumers and creating products for those who never felt heard, seen or represented. I suggest you listen you this audio with 15 minutes to spare, so make yourself a hot tea, coffee, before we dive in.


Article 1: How Liberals and Conservatives Shop Differently

Article 2: Fenty Beauty's Chic Makeup Packaging Walks A Fine Line Between Feminine And Fierce



An image of white blonde woman standing with a white gown dress in a gala. The room is mildly lit up, and to her back is set of gold curtains with two chandeliers. In front of her, are two shadows of two men admiring her beauty. This image represents the 1960 Revlon ad that we spoke about in the audio were we discussed how this ad portrayed the use of Revlon beauty products to attract men.

An image of the 1980’s Revlon Print AD. This image shows four women lined up from left to right. The first woman has light brown skin, brown hair and light eyes wearing a salmon pink tank. The rest on the woman all look pretty similar, all have white tanned skin and brown hair, brown eyes. The second woman is wearing a purple top, the third one a red top and the last one a purple. All four women are looking straight into the camera wearing colorful shades of blush and eyeshadow. This image represents the rebellion against the Nixon government and into the Hippie Movement creating space for a more colorful approach to makeup.

An image of the 1980’s Revlon AD portraying black women. This image shows three black women from left to right filling the image. They are photographed from the waist up. The three woman all have the same color of eyes and hair and are paired with the same color of tops, which is a lilac purple. They are also all wearing the jewelry, which is necklace and earrings that consist large pale colors crystals. All the models had blowouts on their hair and the ad reads “The Most Unforgettable Women wear Revlon.”

An image of the 1990 Christian Dior Mascara. This image shows the silhouette of a woman’s face showing her white fare skin and blue eyes, the other half of the face is covered in black to represent the silhouette of the face while the showing the package of the mascara as if it part of the face. The lower end of the image shows the name of the product on the left, and on the right, words like “perfection” describe the product.

An image of a FENTY Beauty product. The products are shown as if they’re being thrown from above. The backdrop is of a neutral color to make the sand-neutral color of the product pop. The products themselves are designed with geometric shapes, creating a hexagon at the corner of the stick.

An image of the packaging of a FENTY Beauty product. There are several products in this image to exhibit the different packaging of each product. The boxes are square and rectangular in grey and black with an effect of spray paint in them resembling the logo and other spray paint designs. The FENTY logo comes in two in ways: in monogram and in a wordmark.

An image of a FENTY Beauty product. The products shown as if they’re being thrown from above. They have dark apple red background as the products themselves are Ferrari red. The products seem to be lipsticks as they consist of a bottle and a top. The bottle itself portrays a glass cylinder bottle with a bold cylinder angled long silver cap. The words “FENTY BEAUTY” are engrave on the silver cap.

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