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I Tried Guide Beauty– An Adaptive Makeup Brand, and These Are My Thoughts

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

I’ve said this time and time again, I am no makeup guru, but who doesn’t love a good makeup brand especially when it’s adaptive?

I grew up watching Selma Blair on TV, and was always compelled by her seductive stare on the camera as well as her ability to pick up any role and execute the character. She announced her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis around the same time I began my advocacy journey, and it has been an honor to see how she has created a space for disability in Hollywood and beyond.

I love celebrities and people of power who are not scared to show up and be who they are with different abilities. Selma Blair has shown up to be a pioneer to pave the way for those with disabilities in Hollywood, but has also known how to create products that fit the abilities of those with disabilities.

Background image of Paula sitting on a stool with her legs crossed, with a set of makeup boxes from Guide Beauty giving her back to big brown fenced mirror. Paula is wearing a brown long sleeve midsize dress and white mid length boots with straps.

GUIDE Beauty is a universally designed make up brand led by Terri Bryant, a celebrity makeup artist and beauty educator along with Selma Blair, who is the Chief Creative Officer of the brand. The duo have something very particular in common–besides being notable celebrities, they both have disabilities. Bryant was diagnosed Parkinson’s after loosing dexterity in her hand, which led to challenges in applying makeup throughout her career.

I think it’s really amazing to witness what these two paired to do. Besides buzzing about how these products are adaptive, the formula for the makeup is high-end and sticks all day. Here are some takeaways:


- Very high end formulas. The product sticks and is very fine.

- All brushes are extremely adaptive for those with dexterity limitations. They are created with ergonomic thick design that enables someone to have a thicker grip for a more precise control.

- The brushes also have a ring slip for a tighter hold. At the same time the ring slip works to secure the brush handle closer to the face for more support.

- I believe that what makes this line unique is all the hand pieces ranging from define smudge brushes to a mascara that also has the same ergonomic design.


- The packaging of the makeup was very difficult to maneuver. It took me a couple of

tries to get the makeup out of its own packaging. It was all very tight in the structure. I have very light dexterity on my left hand, and I had to ask for help to get the products unboxed.

- Braille. I think it would be so cool if these products had braille. That would really make a statement on another level. From the boxes to the actual product itself, it needs braille. People who are blind and of low vision, do their makeup too.

Final notes:

In no ways or means am I here to criticize GUIDE Beauty. I’ve been using the products ever since I tried them for shoots and all other occasions. I personally think that this line was exceptionally created, and just like anything, it can improve.

I am not sure if Selma or Terri will ever read this, but if they do I really want to thank you for what you have created for the community and looking forward to continue building together in the future!

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