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MINDSET OF HEALING, Commitment & Discipline

The concept of healing is overplayed and poorly defined. Healing takes everyday work, commitment and discipline.

I view it as a contract you need to review and sign before committing as the executing phase is not going to be easy.

I’ve left an audio below of what my healing journey has been like, and I hope it brings some enlightenment to your own healing journey.


A. Accept that it’s not going to feel good. Ask yourself if you really want to feel and live the change.

B. Open yourself up to the feeling of change

Make space for healing, observe the routines that keep you in safe places and shake them up. Be in tune with things that lower and raise your vibration.

C. MAKE SPACE TO BE ALONE. Get quite to be able to listen in. Your quietness will speak louder than words.

D. Make others aware of your process and set some boundaries. Just as important, you need to set boundaries within yourself, so that you can walk the walk.

E. Healing is not a process that is meant to be defeated. There is no healing police out there. It is more of a process that is meant to be surrendered, as with time you will see that the things you are healing weigh less, and that’s how you know you’re healing.

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